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Just wanted to pass on some info about Plexus Slim. As many of you know, Plexus Pink, the breast health company I work with, came out with Plexus Slim as a trial use for reps back in July. They were interested in this product because, as you may know, overweight and obese women have a greater chance of getting breast cancer, and women with Diabetes have a 285% greater chance of getting breast cancer! (500 men in the USA died of breast cancer last year alone, so YES, men should pay attention too!)

In April of this year, I had some lab test come back showing I may have had Fatty Liver Disease, did have high cholesterol, high triglycerides and my liver panel was scary. My doctors wanted me to get on meds for these conditions, but I truly didn't want to start them and be on them for the rest of my life. I told them NO, and said I'd try diet, exercise or SOMETHING else first.

I dieted for a few months, but in July, I started the Plexus Slim Trial. I lost 5 lbs, but had some issues with hives on my face from a cosmetic product. Needless to say, the cortisone shots and pills for the hives gave me swelling and a voracious appetite! I stayed on Plexus Slim throughout the ordeal, and am so glad I did!

Despite the setbacks, when I had my labs re-done in September, I was amazed! ALL of my blood work was so much better! The EASY part is, all you do is drink a pack of Plexus Slim mixed in a glass of water 1 time a day. It's delicious and is “Berry/Pomegranate" flavored.

These were my results after just 8 weeks on the new product:

Lost 5 pounds

Glucose was 92, now 90, normal is 70 - 110

Total Cholesterol was 298, now 232, normal is 120 - 199; still high, but much better!

Triglycerides were 171, now 80; normal is 50 – 150 I am thrilled!

HDL (Good) Cholesterol was 43, now 46; normal is 40 – 75

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol was 221, now 170; normal is 63 – 129 Still high, but MUCH better!

Liver Panel: AST (SGOT) was 101, now 34; normal is 0 – 40 AWESOME!

ALT (SGPT) was 226, now 48, normal is 0 – 40 Getting really close to normal!

Plexus Slim was made available to the general public only through our Ambassadors on September 1, and we are really getting back some intense testimonies! This past Thursday and Friday, I went to Gulfport, MS, to a Plexus meeting where our CEO, Alfred Petterson and developer of Plexus Slim, Dave Brown camedown from Arizona to speak to a group of Ambassadors and perspective Ambassadors. I'm guessing there were about 65 people there total, about half were already using Plexus Slim.

The testimonies we heard were excellent. People with Diabetes had seriously lower sugar levels, and some even had to lower their insulin shots, and some days not even take them! People are losing weight, their labs are getting much more normal, and people are really excited about this! 11 people just that night signed up as Ambassadors to get the product wholesale, and to share it with those friends and families that need to improve their health.

There is a 60 day Tickled Pink guarantee, so you can try this for 60 days and if you're not "tickled pink," you can get a refund! It is well worth taking a look if you'd like to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, sugars or lipids or know someone who does.

There was even a young fireman there, who stated that a bunch of their firemen are always cooking up stuff and eat out of boredom! Some of them have gained 10-20 pounds in the past year! (Sound familiar?) He has lost weight and shared it with the firemen at his firehouse, and word is spreading quickly to other firehouses! That's just how good news travels!

You can listen to an audio from the developer, Dave Brown, talk about the ingredients and how they work at my website: or call me! This product has nothing in it to interfere with any meds you may already be taking, and is safe for even children, pregnant women or even nursing moms, but somehow it is working!

If you'd like more information, please call me at 985.892.5858. Thanks for listening!

Debbie Mormino

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