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Yoga for Survivors' to Celebrate!

Restorative Yoga is becoming more well-known and is widely used for cancer patients and survivorship.

The word yoga means 'union' and restorative yoga is an extremely gentle yoga, done with blankets,

props, and can be done in bed!  The slow, deep breathing is the heart of restorative yoga and the

'asana's' or postures are done by supporting every joint with many blankets, so that our muscles relax

into position and we can focus on 'feeling' our bodies, compassionately listening to our minds and allowing

our emotions a safe environment to be released through our breath.


Try this restorative pose for ten minutes or more (sleep is great!! it is ultimately restorative!!)

This is a modification of "Legs up the wall"....Legs on the pillows!  Reduces swelling, rests our hearts,

soothes our spines...and feels great!

If you don't like being on your back, do it on your side and put pillows between your legs to support your knees, ankles, feet and thighs.

Love, Yogi Jean

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Love you Yogi Jean



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